Danielle Olivierre

Sales Representative

Danielle Olivierre comes from a background of hospitality and customer service; and her number one passion is client satisfaction. She truly believes that building and nurturing relationships is the key to success not just in business but also life in general. Growing up in Dublin, Ireland she has a natural charm and ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Danielle graduated from Sheridan College with a Journalism diploma. Danielle understands that the importance of accurate information and being knowledgeable about topics discussed is a key factor in any industry. Known for her optimistic outlook on life and enthusiasm to succeed, Danielle ensures her clients are at ease while receiving professional care throughout any process.

When she’s not working; Danielle can be found exploring the city, trying new foods or creating content for her social media.

D: (647) 619-7433 O: 416.699.9292

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