Anya Ettinger

Sales Representative

As cliche as it sounds, Anya Ettinger has had a passion for real estate since the age of 7. This passion was ignited when her parents split. Her father moved to a one-bedroom apartment up the street from her mother’s house to make visits simple. This, of course, was insufficient for a seven year-old who grew up in a large house. She began taking the real estate magazines from street corners and would try to convince her dad to purchase certain properties. Every week was a new debate with her dad on why he should buy a certain listing because of unique features and quirks the house featured. Her passion for real estate never died – each week was a new challenge to overcome in negotiations. She developed an intuition for housing and selling that has developed and grown with her into adulthood. Anya prides herself in her ability to understand and really empathize with her clientele. But more so over everything she loves to win. Recipient of a law award as a teenager, Anya has a knack for staying two steps ahead, ensuring she understands the entirety of the situation, and doing it all with a calm and friendly demeanor. Each person has their own unique set of circumstances and she will work tirelessly to ensure that they are 100% satisfied. As a realtor her first priority is to make sure that her clients are happy. Day or night she is there if you have any questions or concerns.

O: 416.699.9292

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